Dawn of a New Economy

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Would you agree that our economy has evolved to serve the Corporation at the expense of the Individual.


Have you noticed that increasingly people are becoming mere commodities, exploited for the sole purpose of profit.

I’ve seen profits decline and people disposed of without a second thought, or concern for the social cost or consequence. Have you?



Imagine an economy where human value and generosity of spirit is more important than economic gain.

What if there was an economy that

values people for who they are, for their gifts and talents, as true assets that provide immeasurable value and contribution. Not simply as pawns in the money game.

Imagine an an economy that protects and strengthens the vulnerable, rewards people for their ideas and efforts, and has no unemployment or underemployment.

Would you be in favour of an economy which values and leverages human potential and

creates opportunities for all?

Just think how much more we could accomplish if we had an economy that

eliminates inefficiency of under-utilized resources as opposed to 'building warehouses' to stockpile them?

Wouldn’t you prefer an economy that is owned by the individual participants in proportion to their contribution, rather than one that is controlled by governments and central bankers?

Are you tired of being dictated to and having solutions forced upon you? Not here! You’re invited to contribute towards it’s design and help shape the future.

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Wouldn’t you prefer an economy whose currency is backed by the creation of value as opposed to empty promises traded without concern for the impact to the collective social and economic good?

Unlocks Underutilized Resources

Generosity of spirit triumphs

self-centered gains

Protects and restores the environment

Everyone is unique and we all have something valuable to offer

Owned by individuals in proportion to their contribution

Creates equal opportunities for all, especially the most vulnerable

Protects and strengthens the vulnerable

Value backed currency





Full Employment for everyone

Everyone should be treated equally, there is no discrimination against age, race, sex etc…

Open Source by design, where everyone is invited to contribute towards its creation

It already exists. We are creating such an economy. It's a huge idea. But just like you, we're fed up with the status quo and we’re gonna do something about it. Wanna join us?

Join the Journey











A virtual place to connect

and gather as a community










A village square where people like you and I

can buy, sell and collaborate

 with one another










An objective, quantified, fair and

 transparent mechanism for

recognising contribution










A means of providing an

individual vesting and ownership

stake in the community










The valuation and

monetization offered for the


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